Amethyst Set 1 Bracelet
Silver, rhodium plated bracelet, inspired by tropical flowers. The colours are lively and vibrant, p..
Amethyst Set 2 Bracelet
Simple, classic and bursting with colour this rhodium plated bangle is suitable for anyone and any o..
Amethyst Set 3 Bracelet
This silver, rhodium plated bracelet has a wonderful open silhouette and is trendy and perfect for a..
Amethyst Set 4 Bracelet
Rhodium plated bracelet designed with a spectacular finish. The purple amethyst and aquamarine stone..
Amethyst Set 5 Bracelet
Add a touch of sparkle to your wrist with this rhodium plated bracelet, featuring clear paved diamon..
Amethyst Set 6 Bracelet (Exc. to Prec.)
A delicate design with a fresh vintage appeal. This bracelet is inspired by the lavender flower, pre..
Aquamarine Set 1 Bracelet
This rhodium plated silver bracelet is paved with clear diamonds and Aquamarine stones, which adds a..
Aquamarine Set 2 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
Beautifully crafted in white gold, these two fine crafted bangles give a modern twist, perfect for a..
Aquamarine Set 3 Bracelet
This unique silver cord bracelet has delicate diamonds in the centre buckle. This easy to wear piece..
Aquamarine Set 4 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
A fine white gold bracelet, inspired by tropical flowers. The colours are lively and vibrant ma..
Aquamarine Set 5 Bracelet
This extravagant cuff is beautifully covered in inset diamonds and teardrop stones of Aquamarine, am..
Aquamarine Set 6 Bracelet
A smart chain bracelet that is perfect for any woman looking for something different. Combined Aquam..
Aquamarine Set 7 Bracelet
A bracelet that will impress at any event, or add vibrance to any outfit! Aquamarine, amethyst and d..
Citrin Set 1 Bracelet
This fine silver bracelet is perfect for those who want to brighten up their day with the clear Citr..
Citrin Set 2 Bracelet
A rhodium plated bangle with a trendy twist silhouette, beautifully crafted with Citrin and diamond ..