Opal Set 6 Bracelet
Opt for a statement piece with this fierce cuff. Silver and rhodium plated this structure has two se..
Opal Set 7 Bracelet  (Exclusive to precious) 
This unique bracelet has a contemporary design, suitable for any age group. The clear diamonds set i..
Pearl Set 1 Bracelet
Stylish rhodium plated, silver D2UK bangle, encrusted with clear diamonds. This bold design is a ver..
Pearl Set 2 Bracelet
Classic Pearl bracelet connected to a 18k gold plated bracelet, which has been beautifully craf..
Pearl Set 3 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
This 18k yellow gold bracelet is a simple yet classic piece with a beautiful Pearl, surrounded ..
Pearl Set 4 Bracelet
This Pearl bracelet, is a beautiful piece to add to any jewellery collection. The sup..
Pearl Set 5 Bracelet
This multi strand bracelet is a trendy abacus of white and blue Pearls leading towards rhodium plate..
Pearl Set 6 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
A strong geometric silhouette, this 18k white gold bracelet has a combination of diamonds that work ..
Pearl Set 7 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
A classic elegant bangle with marquis diamonds throughout the design, creating a sparkling feel to a..
Pearl Set 8 Bracelet
This gold matte cuff will certainly turn heads at any occasion. Adorned with multiple sized Pearls w..
Pearl Set 9 Bracelet (EXC. TO PRECIOUS)
A classic elegant bangle with a south sea Pearl in the centre, combined beautifully with clear round..
Pearl Set 10 Bracelet (EXC. TO PRECIOUS)
A unique three strand fresh water Pearl bracelet made in 18k yellow gold is a gorgeous bracelet..
Pearl Set 11 Bracelet 
This Pearl strand bracelet is a trendy abacus of white Pearls leading towards rhodium and gold plate..
This striking D2UK white gold bracelet featuring premium quality diamonds held in a claw setting in ..
Ruby Set 1 Bracelet
Make a fashion statement with this bracelet, modelling a modern flower design, which is at the top o..