About Us

The brand ‘D2UK’ (Designs Dubai UK) was founded by Ravina Dayaram and her daughter, Nikita Krishnani, and it is based in Hong Kong, Dubai and the United Kingdom. The team behind this fine jewellery collection possesses both a unique design approach and refined technical skills.

D2UK’s fine jewellery is handmade with our technicians in Hong Kong, who have hand-picked each semi-precious stone and the highest quality of Cubic Zirconia (CZ) synthetic and simulated gemstones according to the right cut, clarity and colour to bring out the essence and personality of each jewellery piece. The stones are then placed in a setting of 925 silver, with rhodium or 18k gold plating, to give a classic yet modern style to the everyday women. 

We have introduced our Sterling silver range which is machine made and can be more affordable. 

Precious diamond jewellery set in 18k white, rose or yellow gold can also be made on request, as all our designer moulds are created for real jewellery. All our diamonds are sourced to the highest quality from South Africa and Belgium. Any queries please contact us and enjoy your browse through our designer collection.