Amethyst Set 1 Ring
This rhodium plated ring is a seasons must have, with the full of life colours and wild silhouette. ..
Amethyst Set 2 Ring
Unique and a perfect gift for those with an eclectic taste. A rhodium plated structure includes tria..
Amethyst Set 3 Ring
Dazzling ring, rhodium plated, combining beautiful purple Amethyst stones and Diamonds. Rows of diam..
Amethyst Set 4 Ring
Rhodium plated, a 3 in 1 ring is a perfect combination of vibrant colours that resembles the waves o..
Amethyst Set 5 Ring
This Amethyst and emerald, rhodium plated ring has clear diamonds paved for a refined look. The vibr..
Amethyst Set 6 Ring (Exc. to Prec.)
Feminine and elegant, this ring is perfect for a special occasion. The centre piece Amethyst is surr..
Aquamarine Set 1 Ring
This gorgeous rhodium plated ring sparkles in timeless silver. An on-trend look that is easy to..
Aquamarine Set 2 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
This is a uniquely styled ring with marquis-shaped diamonds stones. This ring has a trendy touch tha..
Aquamarine Set 3 Ring
This ring has a simple, feminine design that accentuates a glamorous Aquamarine stone. Match beautif..
Aquamarine Set 4 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
This 18k white gold ring is versatile for all seasons, with colours full of life in a ..
Aquamarine Set 5 Ring
Fingers that choose to wear this fabulous fine silver cocktail ring inspired by the lotus flower are..
Aquamarine Set 6 Ring
An elegant ring with three main sections that combine different shapes of Aquamarine stones framed b..
Aquamarine Set 7 Ring
A ring that stands out in the crowd is the inspiration for this extravagant rhodium plated cocktail ..
Citrin Set 1 Ring
3 in 1 ring is a perfect illusion for 3 rings in 1 with a mix of silver diamonds and Citrin stones w..
Citrin Set 2 Ring
Inspired by art deco and shimmering Citrin stones, this ring is perfect for any event. Method of ..