Jade Set 4 Bracelet
A bracelet that makes as much of a statement as this must be included in any jewellery collecti..
Jade Set 5 Bracelet
Timeless and elegant, this bracelet is designed to catch any eye. With the Jade stone placed in..
Onyx Set 1 Bracelet
Easy to wear this rhodium plated bracelet is a must have for every season. Simple and beau..
Onyx Set 2 Bracelet
Graceful and elegant this bracelet features an on trend silhouette. It elegantly combines black Onyx..
Onyx Set 3 Bracelet (Sterling Silver)
Add a touch of sparkle to your wrist with this rhodium plated bracelet. The Onyx stones and pea..
Onyx Set 4 Bracelet
This silver bracelet will make a womans natural beauty shine in the dark of the night with the ..
Onyx Set 5 Bracelet
Sophisticated bracelet with Onyx and diamonds embedded, creating a stylish design with tassels ..
Onyx Set 6 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
A thick sophisticated two-line bracelet in a geometric design decorated with breath taking diamonds ..
Need to make a statement? Then this bracelet is perfect for the job. Plated in white gold, to match ..
This bracelet represents ethnicity with a modern touch. The embossed design on the bangle is the bac..
Opal Set 1 Bracelet
This trendy and unique, rhodium plated, bracelet features flawless blue Opal and fresh water and cha..
Opal Set 2 Bracelet
Elegantly combining aqua crystals with a white Opal stone. The gold plated bracelet adds a fres..
Opal Set 3 Bracelet (Sterling silver)
A sparkling, gold plated bracelet offers a delicate touch to any wrist. The coloured Opal stones dev..
Opal Set 4 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
Delicate peach and pink Opals set on a sleek bangle of warm 18kt yellow gold. A summery and stylish ..
Opal Set 5 Bracelet
This piece of wrist candy is perfect for adding a dash of retro. Rhodium plated and inset with diamo..