Ruby Watch 1
A distinctive design, an oversized gold plated dial showcases a beautiful setting of inset ruby’s an..
Ruby Watch 2
Original and feminine! This watch features a lovely purple leather strap with effect that supports t..
Ruby Watch 3 - 50% off
Intense, dazzling and full of rich eye catching colours this watch is on trend with a moc-croc effec..
$365.00 $183.00
Ruby Watch 4 - 50% off
The ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day or a special someone born in July!  A comfortable piece t..
$438.00 $219.00
Ruby Watch 5
A contemporary design this black ceramic bracelet strap has a row of radiant rubies running through ..
Ruby Watch 6 - 50% off
This watch ticks all the right boxes for those seeking a definite luxury piece on their wrist. A per..
$398.00 $199.00
Ruby Watch 7
Black rubber strap intertwined with a unique Glass face dial with small inner dials. The face is sur..