Diamond Set 17 Ring (Exc. to Precious)
A striking ring centering a round sparkling diamond, with diamond baguettes surrounding this classic..
Diamond Set 18 Ring (Exc. to Precious)
This classic diamond band matches beautifully with the outstanding two carat diamond ring. A perfect..
A classically elegant brilliant round diamond is set on a stylish 18kt yellow gold band with surroun..
This stunning coloured diamond eternity ring features about 5 pieces of natural round fancy yellow c..
DIAMOND SET 21 ring (sterling silver)
Trio by D2UK’s collection is a tri-tone design of white, yellow and rose gold. Match with the trio b..
Emerald Set 1 Ring
Elegant as royalty, this fine silver ring turns heads with the Emerald centre piece stone. Edgi..
Emerald Set 2 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
Tropical glamour will be added to any outfit with this Emerald, ruby and diamond ring. The flawless ..
Emerald Set 3 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
This eye-catching 18k white gold ring has clear diamonds that give a magnificent sparkle. A baguette..
Emerald Set 4 Ring
This vibrant gold plated ring is excellent to illuminate any outfit. The retro colours add an incred..
Emerald Set 5 Ring
This diamond laid ring is a true show stopper inspired by Art Deco. Fine silver with a rhodium finis..
Emerald Set 6 Ring
This dazzling fine silver ring presents a unique, geometric silhouette. The centre piece Emerald sto..
Emerald Set 7 Ring (EXC. TO PRECIOUS)
Inspired by a classic design this beautifully crafted 18kt yellow gold prong setting ring showcases ..
Jade Set 1 Ring  (Exclusive to Precious)
This elegant and eye-catching ring is inspired by nature, with the petal shaped silhouette. The 18k ..
Feminine with a masculine chain concept, this rhodium plated ring has sparkling diamonds together wi..
Jade Set 3 Ring
This cocktail ring has a simple Jade stone setting which is guarded by a tentacle filled with diamon..