Ruby Set 2 Necklace
Simple and elegant these two rings join together beautifully on this rhodium plated chain, shim..
Ruby Set 3 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
Fresh and beautiful inspired by flowers. This 18k yellow gold chain has a petal shaped pendant with ..
Ruby Set 4 Necklace
A perfect gift for valentines day, with these bright Ruby stones, in the setting of a stunning beaut..
Ruby Set 5 Necklace
An elaborate design, this fine silver choker style necklace can be worn comfortably, with its channe..
Ruby Set 6 Necklace  (EXC. TO PRECIOUS)
Simply incredible, this fabulous 18k white gold necklace will make you feel like a princes..
Ruby Set 7 Necklace
A modern and glamorous silver collar necklace. With a bold feminine structure this silhouette i..
Ruby Set 8 Necklace (Exc. to Precious)
For a fashionable and feminine style, this Ruby necklace is a must have for any jewellery box. The s..
Ruby Set 9 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
The elegant architecture of this 18kt white gold Ruby and diamond necklace is truly magnificent, fla..
Sapphire Set 1 Necklace
This elaborate collar style necklace is the ultimate in luxury. A fine silver choker with diamonds a..
Sapphire Set 2 Necklace
This fluid design features a timeless silhouette with the fine silver pendant embedded wit..
Sapphire Set 3 Necklace
This spectacular necklace has a flexible structure to ensure a comfortable fit. The fine silver..
Sapphire Set 4 Necklace (Sterling silver)
Make a statement with this long designer necklace with pink Sapphire stones set in this contemporary..
Sapphire Set 5 Necklace
A pendant necklace highlighting a round shaped striking yellow Sapphire stone, with beautiful lavish..
Sapphire Set 6 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
A elegant necklace highlighting the contrast of diamond and Sapphire stones, adding a classic yet my..