Diamond Set 17 Necklace (Exc. to Precious)
This choker necklace is crafted in 18kt white gold and designed as a collar composed by art deco flo..
Diamond Set 18 Necklace (Exc. to Precious)
The highly articulated choker necklace designed as graduated rows of sparkling baguettes, all set in..
On a feminine yellow gold rope chain, this flawless 3.62ct diamond pendant is set with delicately da..
Elegant and unique, this extraordinary diamond eternity necklace features over 3.95 carats of brilli..
Emerald Set 1 Necklace
A bold and modern pendant, this silver necklace has a large Emerald stone and petite diamonds surrou..
Emerald Set 2 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
Excellent for a formal occasion, this tropical inspired pendant is flawlessly embellished, with a gr..
Emerald Set 3 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
Glamorous and easy to wear, this 18k white gold necklace is a real eye-catcher. The clear diamonds g..
Emerald Set 4 Necklace
This gold plated long necklace has a wonderful range of Emerald, ruby and citrin stones, flawless fo..
Emerald Set 5 Necklace
Anybody seen wearing this pendant will have others truly green with envy! Baguette cut Emeralds in a..
Emerald Set 6 Necklace
The stunning necklace is an eye-catching silhouette, which adds a refreshing note to any outfit. ..
Emerald Set 7 Necklace (EXC. TO PREC.)
Create a stunning ensemble with this show stopping necklace. All set in 18kt yellow gold prong setti..
Jade Set 1 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
A seasons must have! This Jade stone pendant with chain has a vintage, unique look. The delicate gol..
Jade Set 2 Necklace
A Jade pendant necklace with petite diamonds to give a fresh and beautiful feel. Perfect f..
Jade Set 3 Necklace
This bedazzling fine silver princess length necklace is filled with diamonds and two Jade stones tha..
Jade Set 4 Necklace
This long multiple piece necklace is the ultimate choice for an elegant and casual look. The delicat..