Opal Set 4 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
Delicate peach and pink Opals set on a sleek bangle of warm 18kt yellow gold. A summery and stylish ..
Opal Set 4 Earrings (Exclusive to Precious)
Glamour and style flow generously from these gorgeous Opal and diamond drop earrings. Fashioned in 1..
Opal Set 4 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
This fabulous Opal and diamond necklace has the "wow" factor. Plump, shimmering and iridescent Opals..
Opal Set 4 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
Set with a pear-shaped Opal cabochon displaying subtle pinks, blues and greens in a beautiful exampl..
Opal Set 7 Bracelet  (Exclusive to precious) 
This unique bracelet has a contemporary design, suitable for any age group. The clear diamonds set i..
Opal Set 7 Ring (Exclusive to precious) 
Opt for a touch of contemporary style with this cocktail ring in a princess cut diamond setting with..
Pearl Set 3 (Exclusive to Precious)
Precious Price:  Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS ): $4,957 USD - $5,229 USD Option..
Pearl Set 3 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
This 18k yellow gold bracelet is a simple yet classic piece with a beautiful Pearl, surrounded ..
Pearl Set 3 Earrings (Exclusive to Precious)
A stud earring that will attract attention. These 18k yellow gold stud earrings with diamonds pave o..
Pearl Set 3 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
Pendants like this are not seen everyday. Supported by a 18k yellow gold link chain, this ..
Pearl Set 3 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
A glamorous white Pearl stands elegantly at the centre of a floral design of diamonds in 18k go..
Pearl Set 6 (Exclusive to Precious)
Precious Price:  Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS ): $15,595 USD - $17,633 USD Opti..
Pearl Set 6 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
A strong geometric silhouette, this 18k white gold bracelet has a combination of diamonds that work ..
Pearl Set 6 Earrings (Exclusive to Precious)
A spectacular pair of stud earrings. With Pearls and diamonds, these earrings are a must have in eve..
Pearl Set 6 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
The classic 18k white gold necklace has a beautiful combination of diamonds, connecte..