Emerald Set 4
Optional Precious Price: All Diamond: Diamond Quality (H to G, VS): $26,582 USD Dia..
Emerald Set 4 Bracelet
Charming and stylish this gold plated bracelet creates a stunning fashion statement with t..
Emerald Set 4 Earrings
Inspired by retro design these hoop earrings have magnificent colours to them, which catch ..
Emerald Set 4 Necklace
This gold plated long necklace has a wonderful range of Emerald, ruby and citrin stones, flawless fo..
Emerald Set 4 Ring
This vibrant gold plated ring is excellent to illuminate any outfit. The retro colours add an incred..
Emerald Set 5
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS3): $23,902 USD - $30,821&..
Emerald Set 5 Bracelet
Rhodium plated with a solid geometric style, this block built bracelet secures itself with a lobster..
Emerald Set 5 Earrings
These big and bold octagon earrings are an exuberant creation. Diamonds and Emeralds outline the dom..
Emerald Set 5 Necklace
Anybody seen wearing this pendant will have others truly green with envy! Baguette cut Emeralds in a..
Emerald Set 5 Ring
This diamond laid ring is a true show stopper inspired by Art Deco. Fine silver with a rhodium finis..
Emerald Set 6
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS3): $50,230 USD - $61..
Emerald Set 6 Bracelet
Pure glamour! This unique rhodium plated bracelet is embellished with Emerald Stones and clear diamo..
Emerald Set 6 Earrings
This pair of rhodium plated earrings features clear diamond stones, combined with contrasting Emeral..
Emerald Set 6 Necklace
The stunning necklace is an eye-catching silhouette, which adds a refreshing note to any outfit. ..
Emerald Set 6 Ring
This dazzling fine silver ring presents a unique, geometric silhouette. The centre piece Emerald sto..