Diamond Set 17 Earrings (Exc. to Precious)
These earrings are designed in a stylish floral setting using brilliantly cut diamonds, and mounted ..
Diamond Set 18 Earrings (Exc. to Precious)
This stylish pair of diamond long drop earrings are designed as a pair of rows of baguette cut ..
With a feminine twist, these charming yellow gold earrings are versatile for any occasion. The diamo..
This mesmerizing pair of diamond earrings features beautiful fancy light yellow diamonds prong set t..
Emerald Set 1 Earrings
These romantic rhodium plated earrings, have a charming sparkle. They will look stunning in the..
Emerald Set 2 Earrings (Exclusive to Precious)
These tropical earrings are featuring petal shaped diamonds with Emeralds and rubies. The delicate d..
Emerald Set 3 Earrings (Exclusive to Precious)
Fan-shaped designed, these earrings can add to any jewellery collection. The round shaped Emerald ad..
Emerald Set 4 Earrings
Inspired by retro design these hoop earrings have magnificent colours to them, which catch ..
Emerald Set 5 Earrings
These big and bold octagon earrings are an exuberant creation. Diamonds and Emeralds outline the dom..
Emerald Set 6 Earrings
This pair of rhodium plated earrings features clear diamond stones, combined with contrasting Emeral..
Emerald Set 7 Earrings (EXC. TO PREC.)
Vibrant and on trend these contemporary style earrings are the top of every wish list. The 18kt yell..
Jade Set 1 Earrings (Exclusive to Precious)
These 18k gold earrings have a timeless feminine look. The stunning Jade stones are framed by delica..
Jade Set 2 Earrings
This unique pair of rhodium plated earrings has a fabulous Jade pendant with petite diamonds. They w..
Jade Set 3 Earrings
Orient inspired, these drop earrings have an attractive figure as well as an exclusive brand charm. ..
Jade Set 4 Earrings
These stunning chandelier style earrings have drawn their inspiration from the Grand Chrysler buildi..