Coral set 4 Bracelet (Exclusive to precious)
A solid diamond cuff bangle with a trio of lines of baguette diamonds. This is a fabulous sparkling ..
Coral set 4 Earrings (Exclusive to precious)
Midnight in the metropolis inspires the sparkle and style of this unique pair of diamond baguette ea..
Coral Set 4 Necklace
Red Coral stones attached to a diamond covered pendant making this long style necklace, th..
Coral set 4 Ring (Exclusive to precious)
This ring radiates a metropolis feel, with its shape, design and beautiful diamond baguettes. The cr..
Coral Set 5 Bracelet
Beautifully crafted this symmetrical design encrusted with diamonds adds a pop of fire with the Oran..
Coral Set 5 Earrings
Bright orange Coral stones in a silver, rhodium plated design, are fiery flamenco chandelier ea..
Coral Set 5 Necklace
This necklace showcases orange Coral stones spilling out from underneath a silver, rhodium plated ca..
Coral Set 5 Ring
Make a statement with this single orange Coral stone mounted on a distinctive silver setting. This s..
Coral Set 8 Bracelet
A true piece of wrist candy this bracelet has an eclectic taste with an extendable chain ensuring&nb..
Coral Set 8 Ring
A rhodium plated twist ring ends with a pink Coral stone set in a protective petal and a frame ..
Diamond Set 1 Bracelet
Make headlines with this glamorous bracelet, Aztec inspired this design is an individual piece to ad..
Diamond Set 1 Earrings
These glamorous oversized earrings, with the silvery tones makes a fashion statement. Inspired by tr..
Diamond Set 1 Necklace
3 chained, rhodium plated, this silver design has the WOW factor! It will get attention in any event..
Diamond Set 1 Ring
With its large diamond frame by triangular small diamonds, this ring is impressive. Inspired by Azte..
Diamond Set 3 Bracelet
Feminine, classic and elegant, this gold-plated bangle has many petite clear diamonds. Inspired by t..