Amethyst Watch 1
Chic and urban, this black watch features a movement strap that is comfortable on any ladies wrist. ..
Onyx Watch 2
Masculine, sleek and bold, this watch is the ultimate eye-catching piece and is bang on trend with t..
Diamond Watch 1
Trendy yet classic, this watch has sparkling Diamonds on the bezel surrounding the face with a white..
Emerald Watch 1
Elegant and modern, this easy to wear watch is perfect for everyday. Featuring Diamonds going around..
Sapphire Watch 3
Perfect for a true blue fan, this watch is a touch of the ocean with a fuse of blue tones. A soft cr..
Diamond Watch 5
Sleek and sporty chic, this watch features a stainless steel, rhodium plated and white ceramic link ..
Amethyst Set 1 Bracelet
Silver, rhodium plated bracelet, inspired by tropical flowers. The colours are lively and vibrant, p..
Amethyst Set 1 Earrings
Eye catching colours, these earrings are superb for any occasion. Fine silver in rhodium plating, be..
Amethyst Set 3 Bracelet
This silver, rhodium plated bracelet has a wonderful open silhouette and is trendy and perfect for a..
Amethyst Set 3 Necklace
Double chained magnificent necklace with suspending Amethyst and Diamonds provide an extra glamorous..
Amethyst Set 4 Necklace
Inspired by the lost city of Atlantis, in a rhodium plated pendant, this necklace has an impressive ..
Amethyst Set 4 Ring
Rhodium plated, a 3 in 1 ring is a perfect combination of vibrant colours that resembles the waves o..
Amethyst Set 5 Bracelet
Add a touch of sparkle to your wrist with this rhodium plated bracelet, featuring clear paved diamon..
Amethyst Set 5 Ring
This Amethyst and emerald, rhodium plated ring has clear diamonds paved for a refined look. The vibr..
Aquamarine Set 1 Bracelet
This rhodium plated silver bracelet is paved with clear diamonds and Aquamarine stones, which adds a..