Opal Set 4 (Exclusive to Precious)
Precious Price:  Diamond Quality (Color: G, Clarity: VS): $21,820 USD ..
Opal Set 4 Bracelet (Exclusive to Precious)
Delicate peach and pink Opals set on a sleek bangle of warm 18kt yellow gold. A summery and stylish ..
Opal Set 4 Earrings (Exclusive to Precious)
Glamour and style flow generously from these gorgeous Opal and diamond drop earrings. Fashioned in 1..
Opal Set 4 Necklace (Exclusive to Precious)
This fabulous Opal and diamond necklace has the "wow" factor. Plump, shimmering and iridescent Opals..
Opal Set 4 Ring (Exclusive to Precious)
Set with a pear-shaped Opal cabochon displaying subtle pinks, blues and greens in a beautiful exampl..
Opal Set 5
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS3): $16,873 USD - $21..
Opal Set 5 Bracelet
This piece of wrist candy is perfect for adding a dash of retro. Rhodium plated and inset with diamo..
Opal Set 5 Earrings
Rhodium plated each one of these rounded squares is delicately coated in inset diamonds in this retr..
Opal Set 5 Necklace
Streaming around the neckline is a mixture of shapes which are studded in diamonds, displaying smoot..
Opal Set 5 Ring
This fine silver, rhodium plated band showcases a large clawed Opal stone set in a polished square f..
Opal Set 6
Optional Precious Price: Diamond Quality (H to G, SI to VS3): $13,611 USD - $25,593&..
Opal Set 6 Bracelet
Opt for a statement piece with this fierce cuff. Silver and rhodium plated this structure has two se..
Opal Set 6 Earrings
These elaborate chandelier earrings are a true touch of Hollywood glamour. Fine silver petal hoops a..
Opal Set 6 Necklace
A silver link chain displays this gorgeous pendant. Rhodium plated a bold hoop with inset diamo..
Opal Set 6 Ring
Bold petal shape silver links are covered in inset diamonds and Opals, with a polished centre piece ..